MAXIM's sable wool jacket


One of the most frequently seen recent trends continues to be XXL clothing. And this is also the case with jackets - it is best if you choose a cut that has large cushions in the shoulders.

Widened by a sumptuous jacket and reinforcements, the shoulders will appear more massive, and consequently the waist will optically appear smaller.

Such a great jacket is best paired with straight cut jeans, looks good with a hoodie or, note: an ultra-feminine dress to break up the masculine nature of the jacket.

Warm wool with a distinct weave, masculine cut, and sand color make it a classic for many seasons.


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  • 100% wool
  • chemical cleaning

Jacket dimensions:

cm S - 36/38 M - 38/40 L - 40/42
underarm circumference 108 112 116
length 77 79 81


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